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Mobile Phone Giants make their Mast planning bids

Mobile Phone Giants make their Mast planning bids

The new Battle of Tettenhall has begun…. but this time it’s the “Battle of the Masts”.

Two expected planning applications have been made inside Tettenhall Green’s Conservation Area by agents representing Vodaphone/O2.

The first is on the car park of Wergs Garage, Wergs Road, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 9BP  and the second, arguably more controversial application is right outside the historic Dog & Gun public house at the corner of Wergs Road and Wrottesley Road, Tettenhall.

The Wergs Garage application is for the installation of a “15 metre-high shared slimline streetworks column, associated antennas, equipment cabinets and ancillary development”.

While the second Vodafone/O2 application is to build a similar 15 metre high column but this time designed to have the appearance of a telegraph pole, with associated antennas, equipment cabinets and ancillary development.

This application is already causing a stir among residents, and may even be a ruse because, while both applications are likely to be rejected by local councillors, Vodafone/O2 will hope that the less contentious Wergs Garage bid will be allowed on appeal by Bristol.

But at present, both applications stand individually.

Residents have already started to make their views known at the local planning office, via the Internet.

One resident said: “I object to the siting of this mast as it is out of kilter with the conservation area and far too prominent outside of the historic Dog & Gun Public House and at the entrance to Wrottesley Road. What is the point of having conservation areas if such things can be sited here?”

Another added: “My family live next to the proposed site. It is totally unacceptable in a village like Tettenhall which is part of a conservation area. Our property is listed and should not be affected in anyway by such an inapropriate plan. We wholeheartedly object to this and wish to state that it is detrimental to the village, the value of our property, the idea of a conservation area and the health of our young children.”

While a third resident said: “As a local resident concerned with preserving the character of Tettenhall Village I would like to object to the application on the basis that it is not in the spirit of the conservation area.”

Another resident emailed us at info@tettenhall.co.ukwith this key comment: “It is an important point on planning that people ask, in their objection, for this to go before the full Planning Committee, that way if enough requests are received a Planning officer is unlikely to make the decision himself, and a member of the public can speak against the application for three minutes. The press are usually at the meeting and members of the public can attend as well. It also encourages the Councilors to share their views. It can seriously impact on the decision that the Planning Committee take.”

You can make your views felt on both planning bids by visiting the Council Planning links below.

Application 1 at Wergs Road garage: http://tinyurl.com/br39lqp

Application 2, next to the Dog & Gun, Tettenhall: http://tinyurl.com/codjw7f

Our picture shows what happened when Tettenhall Wood residents got together to reject another telephone mast application there. 

Update:  The Wrottesley Road/Wergs Road mast application has now been refused (May 14th) by the City Council Planning Committee.  But this will probably go to appeal now to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol.

Update:  The Wergs Road Garage application, possibly in light of the above, has now been withdrawn by the applicant.

Round 1 to the Residents!

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