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Let Battle Commence! Latest Plans revealed to site radio mast(s) in Tettenhall

Let Battle Commence! Latest Plans revealed to site radio mast(s) in Tettenhall

The Telephone companies and their representatives are making a bid to site two new radio mast and base stations in Tettenhall and the Wergs. And they’ve picked a spot or two that could hardly be more obvious than if it were on top of the Tettenhall Clock!  Or perhaps in the Pool?

It’s partly as a result of losing the existing mast on top of the ADAS building off Wergs Road and close to Wrottesley Road.

Largely hidden by buildings and trees, they are losing and having to dismantle that mast as the Government prepares to sell off the ADAS building and the last thing they want would be a giant mast that would devalue the land greatly.

The full details of the plans for the new mast (it’s a little unclear whether two are in fact planned) can be found on Tettenhall’s Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/6sn9jjk

Councillor Jonathan Yardley is the first to do battle with a note to the phone companies protesting about the chosen site(s) and strongly suggesting they look elsewhere or simply withdraw their plans.

We’ll do our best to keep you posted on developments.

We certainly don’t want a 17.5 metre tall mast at the junction of Wrottesley Road/Wergs Road by the Dog and Gun public house, which is one of the focal points of the village, or anywhere near the conservation area.

The phone companies have certainly done some groundwork already in trying to find suitable alternative sites and this is how they fared:

Kings CE School, Regis Road, WV6 8XG – The school is not interested.

Tettenhall Ambulance Station, Regis Road, WV6 8RH – The site/building is too low to provide an installation that would allow coverage requirements to be met.

Tettenhall Fire Station, Regis Road, WV6 8RV – The site provider was not interested.

Severn Trent Water Ltd, Regis Road, Tettenhall, WV6 8RU – The site provider is not interested.

Street works on Regis Road  – Discounted as considered would have greater impact than the option proposed.

Wolverhampton Cricket Club, Danescourt Road – The site provider is not interested.

Tettenhall Pool Car Park, Stockwell Road – This was discounted due to its sensitive location within a Conservation Area

Street works installation on the highway verge in the vicinity of Tettenhall Pool – discounted due to the sensitive Conservation Area location.

Masalla Club, Regis Road – It is considered a site here would have a greater impact upon the residential amenity than the preferred option. The site provider is not interested.

Fitness Club, Danescourt Road, Tettenhall – Tall trees would preclude an installation in the vicinity of this location as they would mean that coverage requirements would not be met.

Street works on Wergs Road, Tettenhall – This site was previously explored, but underground services were a constraint to development.

Street works on Wergs Road, opposite The Crown Pub  – Reason for rejection of this site is not known.

Street works at junction of Wergs Hall Road and Wergs Road – Discounted as mature trees would necessitate an installation in excess of 20metres tall.

Watch this space for more developments!

* OUR PICTURE SHOWS: What happened when Tettenhall Wood residents won the battle against a phone mast last year.

And here are two PDF downloads showing exactly what’s planned and how it might affect your area:  http://tinyurl.com/75fcl9t for the Wergs Road plan and http://tinyurl.com/82re5se for the Dog and Gun plan.

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