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Kings’ School facilities are there for YOU!

Kings' School facilities are there for YOU!

Even though I’m not from Wolverhampton, I already have a deep sense of pride for both the people that live here and the fantastic future community plans for the new schools that are being built.

I have been working on a project for the past four months to explore the opportunities for enhancing the community activities programme at Kings CE School and Tettenhall Wood School when they open their new doors for the new students and community in September 2012.

In that time I have been soaking up local information and investigating what’s happening though talking to local people, meeting groups and general market research so that I can suggest lots of activities that compliment what is already happening around Tettenhall and surrounding areas.

Dance, volleyball, football, cricket, Wolverhampton Brass Band, swimming clubs are some of the activities that have been regularly using Kings school, with potential to add drama, arts, adult education, business events, performances, special events, religious activities, corporate functions, baby and toddler swimming, children’s parties, yoga, training courses and much more to the list.

The 6th form centre is a stand alone, single story building which I think will be fantastic for business use, adult learning and other training courses, this is because it is self contained with a little kitchenette with great space for learning and training both behind a desk or with a large clear space.

The main hall is the original hall which has been renewed, and the stage area has been turned into a multi functional area which can be used as a stage, conference suite or dance space.

The hall can also open out into the dining room, which lends itself perfectly to host a special event with the kitchens also available for hire.

Tettenhall Wood School is also being rebuilt, with some amazing facilities, next to The Kings school so both will be co-located on one site.

During community use hours, both schools will become in effect, one building with both sets of facilities being available for the community to hire or join in with a programmed activity. 

I have been asking local people what activities they would like to see offered during the evenings, weekends and school holidays and the most popular activity is adult learning courses such as arts and crafts, sewing, knitting and cookery and also activities along with their children.

Holiday activities, drama, music and football were the clubs that children were more interested in joining in with.

I still need your suggestions, so let me know what activities you want to see offered in the new school.  Here is a short survey which will help me provide ideas for your new community programme in September.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Kings_TettenhallWood_CommunitySurvey

Are you looking for a venue to hire for your club or organisation?

The schools could be the perfect location for you.  If you would like more information about community use or general room hire at The Kings CE School and Tettenhall Wood school, then please get in touch with me, my number is 07764 364200 or email samantha.bell@kajima.co.uk

Information supplied by Sam Bell, Kajima.co.uk