People of Tettenhall

People of Tettenhall

Here are some of the many special characters of Tettenhall – the vast majority of them real – from down the ages.

If you can think of someone who deserves a place in Tettenhall’s own local history – but currently missing from our list – please e-mail us here with a brief resume and we’ll actively consider your entry.

The Editor

“There are not many survivors of (the old) days now, and their ranks grow thinner. But trees they planted are with us yet, still in spite of age bearing fine crops. We should do well to remember their sturdy pace on the road, their courage and endurance, skill and humour. They took little and gave much.
Let’s be proud and careful of the inheritance they left us.”

William Cartwright Remembers, from A Tettenhall History by Geoffrey Hancock



Lorem ipsumSo little is known about the man who lent his name to Tettenhall’s very foundations. Teotta’s halh (sic) or nook – or even sheltered place – gives us the only genuine clue as to the village’s origins, initially very close to the church at the foot of the Rock.

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