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Car crime: a big worry for motorists

Car crime: a big worry for motorists

It is pleasing to report that at present across Regis & Wightwick there is a fall in reported/recorded crime.

As I write these notes the Year to Date figures for Regis presently show a reduction of -13.4% and for Wightwick a reduction of -20.0% compared to this time last year.
These figures are also being repeated across the rest of the South West of Wolverhampton.

We are continuing to work with the LNP Wardens and other partners to address areas of concern and despite these pleasing figures at this time car crime is still a cause for concern.

Car crime can be a big worry for motorists. You can protect your car by following some simple advice – it might just be enough to deter thieves from targeting your car.

Lock the doors and close the windows when you leave your car, however long you are leaving it for.

When parking at home, always use your garage if you have one and lock both your vehicle and your garage. If you don’t have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.

When parking outside, always try to park your car in an attended car park. Look for a public car park which is part of the police approved Park Mark scheme and displays the Park Mark® brand. Some car parks also have ‘Secure Car Park’ accreditation – look for the signs.

Don’t leave anything on display. Even an old coat or plastic bag can be a tempting target for a thief. This is always the biggest temptation; every article has a value to someone, somewhere!!

Remove the stereo if you can.

Don’t keep valuables or important documents in the glove box. Leave the glove box open to show there’s nothing inside.

Tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to discourage vandals.

Never store your car’s documents in the car.

A Thatcham-approved immobiliser or steering lock can help secure older vehicles.

Have the windows etched with the car’s vehicle registration number (VRN) and make a note of its chassis number.

Keep your car keys in a safe place, even in your house, so that someone breaking-in cannot steal your car too.

Get an alarm fitted. Alarms can deter thieves not only from stealing your vehicle, but also from taking items from it. You can get more information about alarms, immobilisers and other security devices by phoning the Vehicle Security National Helpline on 0870 550 2006 or the Sold Secure Helpline on 01327 264 687.

Secure your wheels using locking wheel nuts.

Mark all equipment, e.g. car stereo, with your car registration number.

I appreciate all the previous points relate to a “perfect world scenario” but just using them, as a checklist, will be of help. Believe me, every point listed has a value.

I will be attending the FACTAR meeting (Finchfield & Castlecroft Residents) on Tuesday 6th March at Castlecroft Primary School Windmill Crescent Castlecroft. It starts at 7pm but I will be there from 6pm should anyone wish to have a private chat.

Other Police Surgeries are at Castlecroft Hardware Store, Castlecroft Road, Castlecroft, where we have “Police Drop In Sessions” on Tuesday 6 March at 3:00 pm Thursday 15 March at 3:00 pm Monday 19th March at 1:00pm

Tettenhall Police Station will be holding a Surgery on Wednesday 28th February at 12:00pm until 2:00pm.
We are in the process of arranging further dates so please check our website in the meantime.

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to read this.


Dave Willetts

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