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Branded PC software isn’t always the “best”

Branded PC software isn't always the "best"

Paying for software is all well and good, but if all you want is the ability to read and write a few letters, then it all seems rather pointless and expensive to have to keep buying Bill Gate’s office software and updating or converting it.

So what’s the answer then?

Well you could try a whole host of free software and find which you like most and what others think of it.

Where to go though, with so many dangers lurking on every page?

Sourceforge.net is a great source for free software applications. There are thousands of projects running and thousands of talented programmers are participating in them. Here you can find software applications for almost all possible needs.

You may not find a particular branded software, but you will find something similar. For example, you may not find Adobe Photoshop, but you will find something just like it that can in some cases be better.

There is a new search facility and you can now find results in relation to their software ratings and weekly downloads.

These software ratings can also help you decide whether  particular software application is worth of being downloaded. The weekly download number which is displayed is also a good indicator to use if you’re not sure.

Another good source for software applications is Download.com. There is a wide choice of free and commercial software available here.

Download.com also has a rating and feedback system. The rating is divided in two parts. One part contains the rating from website editors and the other from visitors. The feedback that we have encountered here is quite honest in our opinion.

Also, the feedback is not altered or edited in any way. The website likes to keep neutral and allow visitors to say what they want to.

Also, if you are looking at downloading free software applications then you could try asking on online forums. Try searcing for something like “best free software for painting” or “best software for painting forum”.

In our view, adding the word “best” changes the search results a lot and you really get to see the best solutions. One reason is that the feedback from users and reviews on various portals will generally contain the word “best” for a particular software application if it really is, and  even the search engines have now figured out what “best” really means.

That’s why we always include this word when we are looking for something that’s really good. However you should always look for reviews and other positive indicators of an applications merit.  If you’re not sure don’t do it!

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