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The Price of Progress Read more »

The Price of Progress

For a few moments, imagine Tettenhall in 50 years time. Today’s children will almost certainly look back at a time when their world was greener and wildlife more prolific. There is a price to pay for creating a built environment in which to live and…

How to (quite literally) go out with a bang Read more »

How to (quite literally) go out with a bang

Have you ever given any thought as to exactly how you would like to leave this mortal coil? Burial at sea?  In the favourite part of your own beloved garden?  Or how about having your cremated remains scattered far and wide in a fantastic final…

Three's Company at Make It or Bake It Read more »

Three’s Company at Make It or Bake It

Thanks to the sheer popularity of last year’s two trial Make It or Bake It markets on Tettenhall Upper Green, we are gearing up for our next event! The date for your diary is Sunday 24th May 2015, when hopefully we will enjoy your company at…

The Endearing Buds of Tettenhall Read more »

The Endearing Buds of Tettenhall

Do someone a favour and it always seems to come back to you in spades. That’s the worthy philosophy of Paul Mincher who runs one of the area’s newest florists in Lower Street, Buds of Tettenhall. And it certainly seems to to be working. One…

Tettenhall's Quality Sweets Read more »

Tettenhall’s Quality Sweets

Where do you go to really treat yourself? Your choice might be a local cafe for a Cappuccino with fresh whipped cream.  Or the village bakery to buy a tasty hot sausage roll. Or are your tastes somewhat sweeter? There are plenty of people out there…

Are you living without a Will? Read more »

Are you living without a Will?

When it comes to making a will, many of us think it’s something that can always be left until tomorrow. The nation as a whole seems to suffer from some kind of “wills apathy” with the result that some 30 million people are currently living without a will…

Tettenhall's Secret Japanese Garden Read more »

Tettenhall’s Secret Japanese Garden

One of Tettenhall’s best kept secrets is its wonderful award-winning Japanese Garden. Yet, it’s not really a secret at all, as the garden is open to everyone most days of the year and simply “hidden” in plain sight as it were in the serene grounds…

There is nothing like a date to see South Pacific Read more »

There is nothing like a date to see South Pacific

The Phoenix Theatre Company is about to bring Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific to Wolverhampton. The local Wolverhampton based theatre company will be performing the show at the impressive Dormston Mill Theatre in Sedgley, between February 3rd – 7th 2015. It promises to deliver a…

Planning Tettenhall's future Read more »

Planning Tettenhall’s future

Though you may not have noticed, something of a mini revolution has taken place in Tettenhall and its surrounds. Thanks to the fact that local folk voted, overwhelmingly, for the adoption of a local neighbourhood plan, a brave new world has begun. Future commercial, and residential,…

Don't let burglars take the sparkle out of Xmas Read more »

Don’t let burglars take the sparkle out of Xmas

As the saying goes, Christmas is a time for giving.  But make sure it doesn’t turn into a season of taking for burglars. Unfortunately not everyone in the world is filled with the feelings of goodwill at this time of year and burglars will take…

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