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A study of your neighbourhood

A study of your neighbourhood

Want to protect the character of your neighbourhood?

I want to bring your attention to an exciting project that has come out of the Our Place Our Plan (Neighbourhood Plan) Workshops. The Steering Group, LNP Service and the Council have commissioned a characterisation study of the Neighbourhood Plan Area and here is your chance to get actively involved.

It is recognised that though parts of the Neighbourhood Plan Area fall under conservation areas a lot do not and these have many important historic buildings, local features and views of local outstanding beauty and/or importance to the local communities.

Also many people have expressed worries about future developments that are not in keeping with the local area (such as the Shoulder of Mutton development and the erecting of Telecommunication Masts in inappropriate areas)

The Characterisation study, through an assessment tool kit, will define what is important to the local community and will inform the content and policies within the Neighbourhood Plan. The full study will form a technical appendix to the Plan itself.

If you want to get out and  about mapping your local area using the assessment tool and taking photos over the next few weeks please come to a meeting on 4th July at 6:30 pm Wightwick Manor.

 There will be a subsequent briefing session and an ‘on the ground’ training session which you will need to attend, with a view to completing all the assessments by 18th August.

At the meeting on 4th July we will have an introduction to a Characterisation study by Robert Lloyd-Sweet (Historic Environment Service). Rob will run through the process, the project schedule and the role we can all play.

If you cannot make the meeting on 4 July and very interested in getting involved please let me know and I will do my best to update you on the process and how you might be able to get involved at a later date.

Please let me know if you can attend.

I look forward to seeing you on 4 July at 6:30 pm Wightwick Manor

Information provided by Steve Poole

Other information

To do the survey on-line by following the link: http://www.m-e-l.co.uk/neighbourhoodplan.aspx

There will also be a prize draw at the end for £50 Shopping Voucher for one lucky winner. Please note this link will be available up to 8 July. M•E•L  a research & development service organisation will be visiting a sample of local residents to do a survey for Our Place Our Plan throughout June.

Please keep in touch with Our Place Our Plan by Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/OurPlaceOurPlan

Website: www.wton-partnership.org.uk/tettenhall

Twitter: @ourplaceourplan

Email: ourplaceourplan@gmail.com

Or telephone Kerry or Steve on 01902 572470

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